Finding a coat that looks good in a wheelchair can be difficult

Here are a couple that I think look pretty good on me.

If you use a wheelchair, finding a warm winter coat that looks nice can be tricky as I have learned over the years.  Especially a puffy jacket.  Those tend to balloon around you making you look bigger than you are and creating a look that is anything but flattering, like you are sitting in a pile of material.  If the sleeves don’t fig snugly it’s even worse. Long coats have a lot of material to tuck under you and are a pain if you get in and out of them all day.   Last year I bought a down filled black jacket from Express on sale for $100.  See it pictured above with and without a scarf.  I bought a size large and it fits even with a heavy sweater underneath.  It does not ride up too much and the sleeves fit snugly (but not too tight).  It has a detachable hood with fake fur trim.  It’s very warm without being bulky.  The pockets, like a lot of pockets when you use a wheelchair, puff out a little because I’m sitting.  It’s better when I zip them.  I don’t see the same jacket online at Express this year; I do see a longer version.  The red coat is one I bought last month on sale from Macy’s for $100, a London Fog pea coat.  I bought according to my measurements, a medium, and it fits over a sweater, a little looser without one.  It hits at high hip.  The sleeves are not too wide and it gives a nice, somewhat form fitting shape when buttoned.  It’s quite warm, maybe not warm enough for the coldest days.  I had it on yesterday when it was in the 40s to 50s and I was comfortable.  It’s still available at Macy’s online and comes in other colors, including black and navy blue.  It comes with a matching plaid scarf, which I’m wearing in one of the photos.  I’m thinking of getting the blue one.

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