Cassy dress from Lindy Bop on New Year’s Eve

I bought this red and black polka dot dress, the Cassy Dress, from Lindy Bop in 2016 but had never worn it anywhere.  For a New Year’s Eve party I wore it with a red petticoat also from Lindy Bop.  It’s a 30 inch petticoat and really too long for this dress but that is okay.  I got the black flower with net hair ornament and the black gloves from Unique Vintage.  There is my son in the photo, he hates posing for pictures.  I was certainly the only one at the party to wear anything like this, which is fun.   I got several compliments on the dress.  It is a UK size 14.  It’s not a stretchy material.  It is machine washable.  The facing from the collar tends to peep out but I could fix that with some sewing.  It’s not a particularly warm dress for winter and it was about 0 degrees out last night and even inside I could feel the cold air coming from the lobby doors.  My son thinks the black hair ornament looks like something for a funeral  lol.   This dress is loose fitting under the bust which is good if you have a tummy that is less than flat.

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