Heart of Haute Super Spy Dress, Collectif Clothing Marianne jacket.

The Super Spy dress in black was my first purchase from Heart of Haute. I was kind of afraid to get it because it’s close fitting on the whole body and stomach bulge could be a problem.  I am wearing it here with shaping undergarment for the thighs and stomach.  I deleted the photos that showed a bulge that was exaggerated by the angle of the camera.  I did not have anyone to take photos today so I tried my best to get as much of the dress in the photo as possible.  The dress is stretchy so I got a medium instead the large or XL that I usually get from HoH.  It’s a very comfortable dress and you can accessorize it with many hats, hair stuff, jackets, belts, etc.  I have washed it once and if it shrank, it still fits.  Today I got this jacket, Marianne jacket from Collectif, which I ordered from Modcloth.  I absolutely love it.  I think it’s so elegant.  It is a short, fitted jacket.  I got it on sale from 39.99.  I got an XL, which Modcloth’s size chart says fits 40-42 bust and 32-34 waist.  My measurements, which I find somewhat difficult to take accurately, are about 39 bust, 33 waist, 42 hip.  I can just about button this jacket at the waist and there is some room in the bust/shoulder area.  I can’t usually find things that fit my measurements exactly in both the bust and waist, so I go with whichever i think is more important to fit the closest.  I also got this gray hat, Cinema Style hat in stone, from Modcloth, on sale for 14.99.  There are my Lindy Bop red gloves with the faux fur trim again, and this animal print headband…bought recently but don’t remember from where.  Turquoise headband is from Lindy Bop.  The silver sweater, I have had a long time, bought at the Express store probably sometime between 2000 and 2005.  Just for fun, I put on this New Look wig in red just to see how I look.

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