Vivien of Holloway sarong dress set and circle skirt with a halter top and bolero.

I recently discovered the Vivien of Holloway brand of vintage style clothing which is all made in London using actual vintage patterns (and sizing).  The items are lovely, good quality material and very well made. They have a limited number of styles, but each style comes in a large variety of colors, patterns and materials.  The prices are on the high side, and they had a 50% off sale on some of their items recently.  I decided to try a circle skirt and matching bolero in Victory Rose peach pattern, with a white halterneck top.  Peach is a not a color I wear often and I am not sure it suits me, but in a pattern I thought it would be fine. I got the skirt in a size 20 (34 inch waist) as the material has no give and I was worried the 18 (32 inch waist) might be slightly tight as sometimes when I measure my waist I get 33.   There is a little bit of room in the 20.  The halter top has boning in it which gives it a lot of structure and a bra is not necessary.  It was quite difficult to reach behind me and zip it up so I lay on my bed to do it.  I put a white petticoat under the skirt as the skirt is extremely voluminous (no, it is not a very practical skirt to wear in a wheelchair and I would not push around on a dirty street in it).  The halter top is a size 18 (40 inch bust) which fits well on me (39 inch bust). The white color will be good to go with most of my other skirts. I like the matching bolero as it disguises my upper arms, which are a little larger than I’d like (and appear even more so in photos).  The skirt is so voluminous I don’t think I will get a lot of this style, but it does look nice with a petticoat. I would like a peach hair flower to match this better than the coral one I am wearing.  I got the belt from VOH as well.  I think it makes me look like I have a smaller waist.  I have some others in different colors.  I also bought a sarong dress set in frangipani pink and I just love it. I think it’s very flattering and the skirt is narrow so no problem with the chair.  It has a little waterfall effect on one hip.  The top is boned and fits like the halter, and I also had to lie down to zip this up.  Once on, it’s tight but not too tight, and I can bend over and nothing falls out.  It is a size 18 and fits just right in the waist.  I am wearing it here with the matching bolero, and also with a yellow cardigan from Doll Me Up which picks up the yellow in the floral pattern.  I love the tropical look of this dress and look forward to wearing it this summer.  My hair is an attempt to achieve a period look, and I had it in foam curlers for more than 15 hours – maybe it’s a little curlier than I really wanted.  It also has a bit of a frizz problem.  I did not manage to get any photos that I liked showing the whole skirt and feet.  I need practice with that.  I took these photos with a tripod for my cell phone, some with a selfie stick, some propping up the phone and some holding it.  It is difficult to get flattering angles.  I have more items to review from VOH, coming up – most of which I bought in the 50% off sale.

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