Miss Candyfloss Tartan Swing Dress

I bought this Miss Candyfloss dress, called Valeria-Bo tartan swing dress, directly from the Miss Candyfloss website (you can also find some of their items sold by several vintage-inspired clothing retailers).  They call the color wine tar.  I am taking a peek at their website right now and this dress is still available from them, only in size large. Their size chart says size large is for 39 inch bust, 32.7 inch waist, and 44.9 inch hips (the hips don’t matter in this dress).  Those measurements are just right for me (a lot of the time I have to get a larger size bust than I want to get the right fit in the waist).  I am wearing it in a size large and the fit is great.  This brand is a small Swedish company.  It is a very comfortable dress to wear all day and figure flattering, I think.  The fabric is not stretchy, or very minimal anyway.  It has a back zipper. You can wear it with a petticoat, but I think it looks fine without too.  The skirt did not really get in the way of my wheelchair too much although it’s a full skirt.  I did wear it even pushing around New York City all day, I tucked it in along the sides  a bit while I was pushing.  It did blow up in the wind though!  I felt quite stylish in it although I was wearing my warmest winter down filled coat – the skirt of the dress still showed.  Here I am just posing in my hallway by the elevator (not the most exciting background) because I don’t have a photographer and there happens to be a windowsill here that is just the right height for propping my cell phone and getting most of me in the photo and without a terribly unflattering angle.  (I didn’t try getting my feet as I wasn’t wearing shoes).  The hat is an authentic 1940s Jonquil hat that I bought from an Etsy seller, ThreeCourtywardWay.  My ring belonged to my great-grandmother.  I have no idea how old it is, never met my great-grandmother and she died in 1942.  I don’t know if it was an engagement ring or just something she got for herself.  It was missing some of the stones but my cousin had it restored for me.  She is hoping I will get tired of it and pass it on to her!  I might as I have no daughters.  I am wearing a black belt from Vivien of Holloway.  It stretches and has a clasp closure.  I have 4 of them – black, white, red and royal blue, that go with many different outfits.  I think a belt helps define the waist especially if you don’t have a tiny one as I do not.

6 thoughts on “Miss Candyfloss Tartan Swing Dress

  1. What a gorgeous tartan dress – and you look stunning in it, to boot! 🙂 The ring from your Great Grandmother is lovely, by the way, how nice to have had it passed down to you! ❤


    1. Thanks, Emily! I love this dress. I am glad to have the ring, I think she must have passed it to my grandmother who was her daughter-in-law (not sure why my grandmother got it rather than her daughters or other daughters-in-law) and my grandmother probably gave it to one of her daughters (my aunts) and someone decided I should have it.. anyway it’s nice!

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